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Updated: Aug 10

Hottest dice games - UPLAY

Bitcoin Dice Strategies That Will Get You Winning!

A probability game established by blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm, provides more fun with bet and prediction, in which the closer the number rolled by players to the random number, the higher the probability winning.

UPLAY has a variety of types, Slot, Fish, Dice, Arcade, and provides games such as cockfighting and bingo that are popular with local players. There is no payment condition restriction for the player and the Diamond Points earned can be exchanged for cash at the Diamond Shop. Enter the list of rewards and receive them! Add to this the fast and secure payment method of cryptocurrencies, and you get a perfect casino game on the platter.

UPLAY crypto casino has positioned itself as the leading Dice casino in the world. Start your crypto dice journey with us and play now!

Throw the dice

Dice and Bitcoin games are provably fair. Before the game, be sure to study the conditions when exactly the number that you indicated as a reference point falls out. Of course, the rules vary in different casinos and different games. Dice is easy to play once you get a grasp on it you choose a base number. See your bet if the outcome will be over or under that number and the win chance and payout change. Accordingly, you can also use the auto bit function for a big amount of automatic rules here.

Other dice casino game - BC.GAME

Now all kinds of gambling activities are becoming more and more popular, where you can bet in cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin or DOT dice. The community approach of this crypto casino brings players from all over the globe under one platform. Players can freely interact in chat rooms that they create. BC Game is known to randomly reward players based on their activities in the chat rooms created, as a way of encouraging continued interaction and communication between players.

Crypto dice bonus

You have a bet button, and a slider with the green side and a red side your goal is to predict. If the outcome of the roll will be in the range of your green bar. Maybe you select roll under 50 for example, any number under 50 will make you win the bet you can switch from over to under by clicking here, and in this case, you're betting that the outcome will now be over 50. This doesn't affect your win chance or payout it only bets. On the other side of the spectrum, you can then slide the bar and increase.

If you ever feel like chatting with other players, just open up the chat on the far right-hand side of the homepage, there is also a forum for BC Game players. It's full of interesting topics to discuss and contribute to.

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