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Updated: Aug 15

How to play to earn cryptocurrency

Crypto games have utilized blockchain technology to take the world by storm, the world is seeing the birth of a new decentralized platform. Play to earn cryptocurrency with no

investment, but also you have to be good at this game to win a bonus.

Players chance to earn money while, buying, selling, and trading these tokens with playing.

If you want to learn how to earn cryptocurrency with no money, blockchain gaming is where you trying to look.

UPLAY - Slot JILI - Golden Empire

It is a story written in the background of the game with the rich king Golden Empire.

When it comes to visuals have brightly colored icons, transparent reels, and a background that depicts a lavish royal palace. The game is full of gorgeous graphics and ancient mythological symbols such as giant birds, ancient people, Mayan pyramids, etc. Each payout is different!

The game uses 5×6 reels and adds a row to the 2, 3, 4, and 5 reels. When you start the free game, you accumulate multipliers once per game eliminated and the next elimination bonus multiplier takes the current accumulation multiplier. The most anticipated thing in the game should be the appearance of the golden frame symbol. Gold frame symbols are eliminated and turned into available wild cards, a free game with unlimited multiplier accumulation.

Whenever a golden frame symbol appears, it means that there is a chance to get more than 4 wild connections. The wild function of the golden frame symbol will help us achieve unimaginable consecutive wins. The variable discs and gold frames become available wild cards for the thrill of continuous elimination and even more surprises!

( The maximum prize is 2000 times. )

UPLAY - JILI Slot - Crazy Hunter

A new experience shooting game, free choice of targets. This is The unusual and interesting game "Crazy Hunter". Determine the size of the bet and go ahead to destroy targets. In front of you on the platform will be various targets (from goblins and warriors to the princess and the king), you need to sequentially destroy the target to get a reward.

Each goal is paid differently, according to the payout table. This is a very classic setting,

the lowest paid goblins and warriors, and the highest paid in the game are the princess, king, dragon, and treasure chest. If you destroy the treasure chest, you can win 2,000 times your bet!

Diversity of crypto games

They are also very easy to get into as there are so many crypto games for beginners and develop another stream of income. If you play crypto games, you know that you have to own some game stuff to make money.

BC Game for Daily free spins

Completing fun tasks or receiving a medal for good behavior while playing at BC Game.

For example, to receive a boss medal, you need to give tips to 50 different people. The list of possible medals is very long. Let's check out which currencies BC Game accepts and find out everything.

Integrate the above games

With a fast accumulating number of players, rich missions, and an intuitive and smooth interface, dine and earn with crypto earning games!

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