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What is UPLAY

UPLAY is an online gaming platform provides a crypto casino online experience. Instant and easy to

use Tether deposit and withdrawal.Provide a safe and invisible gaming environment.

UPLAY has a variety of types, Slot , Fish , Table, Arcade, and provides games such as cockfighting

and bingo that are popular with local players. And the only casino on the market that offers a

payback bonus on every bet, win or lose!

Before we get into the experience, let's go straight to the player favorites.


It is a story written in the background of the game with the rich king Golden Empire. The game is full of gorgeous graphics and ancient mythological symbols such as giant birds, ancient people, Mayan pyramids, etc. Each payout is different!

The game uses 5×6 reels and adds a row to the 2, 3, 4 and 5 reels.When you start the free game, you accumulate multipliers once per game eliminated and the next elimination bonus multiplier takes the current accumulation multiplier.

The most anticipated thing in the game should be the appearance of the golden frame symbol. Whenever a golden frame symbol appears, it means that there is a chance to get more than 4 wild connections. The wild function of the golden frame symbol will help us achieve unimaginable consecutive wins. The maximum prize is 2000 times.

CQ9 - Money Tree

In Chinese legend, the Money Tree brings good luck or money to those who come across it. It is also a symbol of nobility or wealth. The golden toad is also a symbol of good fortune or wealth in Feng Shui. The figure is beautifully crafted and colorful - some might say fancy!

The slot has a classic 3x3 reel set which features five bet ways. which pay left to right. The game has a wild symbol which substitutes for all other paying symbols, creating lots of winning opportunities. The same symbol is also responsible for triggering free spins, which will continue until a winning combination appears on the reels. Should you manage to land all nine spaces on the reels filled with golden coins, a X1000 maximum win will drop from the tree.

JILI Slot - Crazy Hunter

Unusual and interesting game "Crazy Hunter". Determine the size of the bet and go ahead to destroy targets. In front of you on the platform will be various targets (from goblins and warriors, to the princess and the king), you need to destroy the target to get a reward.

Each goal is paid differently, according to the payout table. The lowest paid goblins and warriors, and the highest paid in the game are the princess, king, dragon and treasure chest. If you destroy the treasure chest, you can win 2,000 times your bet!


This classic game originated in Italy and was first introduced to France in the 15th century. It was later introduced to Macau from the United States and later renamed "Baccarat".The game has been popular for centuries, as it remains one of the most accessible table games.

PG SOFT™ has launched “Baccarat Deluxe”, with “Super 6” and “Traditional Baccarat”. Baccarat uses 8 decks of cards, for a total of 52 cards. The Bead Plate in the game has 5 roads and predict, which allows players to observe the direction of the game, determine the target and amount of each bet, and control the rhythm of the bet. By enabling the “Squeeze” setting, you can simulate the action of squeezing to reveal a card, which makes it easier for players to immerse themselves into the game environment, creating a realistic excitement!

JILI - Bombing Fishing

Fried fish can get high bonuses. In this game, there are innovative bullet and torpedo modes in JILI game. When shooting gold bullets, you can kill the target without any effort.You can get up to 1200x bonus odds in the game. In this fun game environment, there are many bonuses and many props to help you.

There is a special character in the game. The pink pufferfish is a special target. When you shoot it, it will get angry and get bigger, and when it gets bigger, the more rewards you can get.

Continuous Deposit Bonus

There is no payment condition restriction for player and the Diamond Points earned can be

exchanged for cash at the Diamond Shop. Enter the list of rewards and receive them!

Integrated above,With a fast accumulating number of players, rich missions and an intuitive and smooth interface, dine and earn with crypto earning games!

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