NFT Crypto Games on mobile

What is game crypto?

In the past, playing games are spent time and money to buy treasures, although you can get the satisfaction of playing games, but the lost time and money can not be recovered.

But what if I told you that there is now a type of blockchain game that allows you to make money while you play?GameFi (Game Finance) did it!

Get to know GameFi quickly

Game Bonus Tokens

Usually GameFi chain games will give bonus tokens, which can be used not only in the game, but also on virtual currency exchanges such as Coinan, where players can exchange game tokens for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Participate in Game Governance

Some of the GameFi chains will also have DAO( Decentralized autonomous organization).Holders who buy and pledge the game's Governance Token will have the opportunity to become members of the DAO. To participate in the governance and proposals of the game, to propose improvements and upgrades to the game.

GameFi Features

  • The game platform no longer locks the character and treasure equipment in its own platform, and is willing to open it to players for resale in the form of NFT.

  • The game platform encourages players to participate in the game using the PTE (Play to earn) method.

  • However, players usually have to spend money to buy some initial characters or virtual assets in order to enter.

NFT Crypto Games on mobile

Easy to operate and convenient to play are the characteristics of mobile games.

Come and meet the following NFT Crypto Games that you can play on your cell phone!


Story Background

In a distant galaxy, there is a planet called Earth ......

One day, alien beings appeared and created a new species in their image to conquer the vast lands of Earth. This species was called Mons.

Many years later, a group of traders were traveling through the desert and came across a peculiarly shaped tower artifact.

This tower was accidentally activated and rose high in the middle of the desert, accompanied by a powerful pulsing energy field that continued to expand throughout the land and fuse the inhabitants together.

Mons is fused into twin beasts with special powers. Binemons then roam the continents ....

The featured of Binemon

Binemon is a virtual pet NFT game. It combines the elements of a casual RPG game. Includes collecting and trading eggs, as well as PVE and PVP modes.

The pet characters use 3D modules and interesting shapes. All players need to do is to collect and try to enhance your pets, use them to breed and fight.

The game issues its own coins, BIN and AMB, and uses DRK Chain, a platform that uses smart contracts and the DaRK security protocol.

Crop Bytes


CropBytes is a farm simulation type game with cryptocurrency based entirely on real-world agricultural economics. Designed to truly represent the real world, you can work and earn a living in the game, just as you would in real life.

It has been 4 years since the inception of CropBytes and the adoption of crypto assets is in its infancy. Today, traders, players, and owners all play an important role in the economics of the game, allowing the economy to evolve according to supply and demand mechanisms.

Grow crops or raise livestock, supply resources or trade in your community, and continue to earn and win big rewards as you progress through the game.

Profit Method

In Crop Bytes, purchasing infrastructure allows you to create, raise and nurture your farm, grow crops and fruits, and after harvesting, you can grind them to make food for your animals or sell them for crypto currency!


The game issues its own cryptocurrency (cbx),The game also issues NFT characters, which can be used to increase the production of farms. This will help to increase your income in the game. In the future, they will be tradable and have more functional uses

If you're a fan of light, fast-paced, puzzle-type games and don't want the games to take up too much of your time, here are two PTE (play-to-earn) games



The game is produced by framville. This game is very intuitive and clear, just like the bubble dragon bubble elimination game.You need to eliminate the same coins to earn points in exchange for ETH!

Play To Earn

The more coins you eliminate, the more points you get and the higher the bonus you get. And the more coins you deposit through coinbase.



A skit produced by Vweeter Limited. This word search game has a unique scoring system. The way to play is to find and spell out the words in a limited time. The points earned can also become BTC!


Story Background

Since the days of the Splintering, the face of the world has been shaped by blood and power. As factions battle for control, primal energies are harnessed and unleashed.

Collect, Trade, Battle!

Tired of card games that require a huge investment of time to play once? Splinterlands' quick battles are fast and furious, taking only a few minutes per game.

As of April 12, this game ranks #1 in daily active users with over 350,000 average daily users. Play, trade and earn money anytime, anywhere.

Profit Method

In Splinterlands, players only need $10 to play the game, which is a lower barrier to entry compared to similar games. In addition to being NFTs themselves, cards can be used to fight, upgrade, sell or rent to other players, and rare cards have greater collector value.

The game is issued with SPS and DEC coins, and traded through HIVE coin.

Here are a few ways to earn revenue from this game

  • Daily tasks to earn rewards

  • Qualifying

  • Sell Cards

  • Card Rental

  • Pledge of SPS for proceeds

  • Land purchase and sale, land lease

League of Kingdoms


This is a massively multiplayer MMO strategy game for continental supremacy. The core of the game is to build a kingdom and rule the world, build an army and fight against opponents, who may be monsters or other players. The various assets in the game are in the form of NFT.

Profit Method

As with the popular MMO genre games, there are the union, PvE, PvP, and there are several ways to earn money


In-game land purchases can be made from the official store or from other players on Opensea. Gamers can earn income based on their NFT ownership and time, etc. And players can trade with anyone at any time, anywhere, to list and sell in-game resources.

Land System

It will start with the Creation Continent on the ETH blockchain, consisting of 65,536 lands, each of which is an NFT, where players can buy land assets to gain additional revenue, and each land can accommodate up to 16 kingdoms.


The NFT to be released on Coinan is called "Genesis Drago", which is a dragon creature in the game. The total quantity of NFT is 10,000, and the number of NFTs for sale is 2000. After this public sale, Genesis Drago can only be obtained by breeding.


Crypto casino of UPLAY

UPLAY is an online gaming platform provides a crypto casino online experience. Provide a safe and invisible gaming environment.

UPLAY has a variety of types, Slot , Fish , Table, Arcade, provides games such as cockfighting and bingo that are popular with local players. For trading mechanism,UPLAY use Tether deposit and withdrawal .

And most especially, UPLAY is the only casino on the market that offers a payback bonus on every bet, win or lose!

The featured of UPLAY

  • It is registered in Philippine and is also governed there.Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation(PAGCOR) has sanctioned and is in charge of it.

  • Online gaming players will note that . Game providers from JILI, PG and CQ9 Gaming, JDB, Rich88 and more…

  • Sign up quickly and bet anonymously to ensure your actions remain private.

  • Use Tether(USDT) deposit and withdrawal.

  • Diamond Points can be exchanged for cash at the Diamond Shop.


These are a few of the different types of games. Ether is no longer dominant in the chain game ecosystem. At the time of writing, GameFi users on 35 public chains are mainly split between WAX, Hive, BSC, Polygon

The GameFi with better performance in terms of users and transaction data often have some commonalities, quick registration and the ability to play without a wallet, which greatly lowers the barrier to entry for users.

A risk-free playing environment and mature game content are also one of the criteria for players to evaluate. Using UPLAY uses USDT, which can provide you with a guarantee.

Attractiveness is still the most important thing, evaluate carefully as well as choose the shallow profit opportunities, play easily and earn crypto playing games!

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